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Gathering of Eagles

January 26, 2008
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored an Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military. April 4, 2009
The NC Gathering of Eagles sponsored a second Operation to demonstrate support for and celebrate the American Military in Jacksonville, NC. May 18, 2007
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September 11, 2013

» A September Evening

The murderers are still on the loose and what happened that terrible day was not an isolated incident, but part of a pattern of attacks taking place in a clash of civilizations. New York, the crossroads of civilizations, is a natural target for the attacks. New York is to the world what Mecca was to Arabia and the new Mohammeds are eager to do to it what Mohammed did to Mecca.

Bin Laden is dead, but the Muslim Oilsphere is full of other wealthy sons warring against the West. His backers are alive and the drone attacks that kill Al Qaeda leaders don’t touch their money men in the Oilsphere. The clerics who teach young Muslim men about the glories of martyrdom can rest easy. They can even open up a mosque at Ground Zero.

Islam is xenophobia written into unholy writ, a long chain of conquest, subjugation and cultural destruction by desert nomads who know how to drive a sharp bargain, but despite their claims of golden ages and scientific discoveries, have never been anything more than the jackals sniffing around the ruins of greater civilizations.

It is as natural for them to attack us as it is for us to wonder why we were attacked.

For Islam, the game is zero sum. If American civilization thrives, then their civilization is shadowed. If people are happy here, then they cannot be happy. If there are two towers in New York, that detracts from the glory of Islamic civilization. Islam is the bitter beggar forever looking to steal what it cannot have, worrying over the imaginary history of its own greatness and cursing the upstarts in the streets of a foreign city for taking the glory was rightfully theirs.

» What Shoes Are You Wearing Today?

Look down at your shoes. Could you break into a run in those if you needed to?
Twelve years ago, the men and women getting ready to go to work at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon didn’t know they would be running that day.

» One Year Later — No Justice For The Benghazi Four

As cruise missiles are readied to aid Syria’s al-Qaida-linked rebels, the president has yet to keep a promise to avenge the Benghazi dead and bring the killers to justice.

“The U.S. has identified five men who might be responsible for the attack on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year, and has enough evidence to justify seizing them by military force as suspected terrorists

“Why is it that reporters seem to be able to find this guy, who the government is charging with involvement in Benghazi, but law enforcement can’t find him?”

» Sic Semper Dubitantus!

The political message sent by Washington is one of timidity, vacillation, hesitation. Barack Obama’s Hamlet-like Syria debacle, which gets worse every day, only emboldens those who have figured out how to keep us off balance. It may soon come to the point where it is not worth it for our diplomats to have any presence in a host of majority-Muslim countries, if we make clear that we won’t push back when threatened or attacked. Let’s not forget that not one terrorist, anywhere in the world, has been held accountable for Benghazi. It doesn’t matter if the president knew what was happening and didn’t act that night (actually it does, but leave that aside). His utter failure for two years to act after the attack has only emboldened those who now know how to make America look like it is powerless and shrinking around the globe. The truth is, they are right, at least for now.

Some Americans Have Exhausted Their Supply of Tolerance





» That Speech

Never has a President given a speech in which he wished to convince Americans to take an action he no longer is going to take. He has become to war what the Clapper is to turning on the lights. War is on and now war is off. But we will never call it war.

Just like in Darfur, Rwanda, and North Korea, except not really because we will not intervene in those places. The difference is that in Syria, Sudan, Rwanda, and North Korea, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have been killed with conventional weapons. But an additional thousand were killed in Syria by chemical weapons.

More if you count the ones killed by the rebels and their chemical weapons, but let’s not focus on those.

This was not only a defeat for the Obama administration, it was an utter rout. Syria’s weapons remain untouched, Russian prestige is enhanced, and the administration was shown to be utterly without influence in the Congress or with its allies.

» Obama mocked for “Pinpricks” comment

President Obama’s declaration that “the United States military doesn’t do pinpricks” set off an immediate round of Internet mockery during his Syria speech Tuesday night.

The hashtag #Pinpricks instantly swelled with numerous tweets ridiculing the president, who was trying to make the point that the U.S. military should not simply lob a few tomahawk cruise missiles at Bashar al-Assad’s government in order to send a message, which was his original plan.

» Benghazi Blackout: How the Big Three Networks Have Censored or Spun Obama’s Deadly Foreign Policy Failure

The degree to which the Big Three networks have censored, briefly noted or spun the ongoing revelations about how the Obama administration blundered its handling of the Benghazi attack reveals how far they will go to insulate this White House from its own self-inflicted scandals. It must be asked, if new reports of a disengaged president during a terrorist attack, whistleblowers exposing a cover-up, and witnesses being intimidated have not been enough to drive the Big Three networks into wall-to-wall coverage, what will?

» Your Tax Dollars At Work: Syrian “Rebels” Take Christian Village And Force All To Convert To Islam Or Die

Almost every day a news report like this comes in where, once again, we see evidence that The “rebels” are not all rebels but imported killers from other regions. They have nothing to do with popular opposition in Syria against Bashar al Assad. They commit unspeakable atrocities They single out Christian civilians and other minority civilians for murder and other crimes. This is reported regularly. Anyone who pays attention at all knows it is happening.

Still no word from the howling leftists that were so outraged over Iraqi prisoners
with panties on their heads.
Perhaps they will have something to say if a photo surfaces of ‘rebels’ pissing on headless bodies of children?

» 13 Liberals Charged in Grant Fraud Over $16 MILLION in Aids Charity Money…
» Neil Young went ‘Crazy Horse’ after his electric car broke down
» JOHN KERRY: He Was a Traitor Before He Was A War Monger


» NYC Bus Driver Attacked for Being White

It must have been justice for Trayvon, or for slavery the century before last, or for only making Obama president instead of king, or for forcing the assailant to wait in line for a welfare payment — it’s hard to keep track of the many sins of the white man.

If incidents like this happened to supposedly oppressed blacks, Obama would have no need to start a war in Syria to distract the public from his numerous impeachment-worthy scandals.

» Attack ‘Stand Your Ground’, turn out the black vote

The shooting of the “unarmed innocent little teen-age boy” Trayvon Martin by angry white man George Zimmerman, who would doubtless base his defense on Florida’s “stand your ground law,” thus seemed the perfect case to turn into a national cause celebre.

Of course, a few facts had to be ignored or changed.

» The Grand Myth of Live-and-Let-Live liberalism

Seriously, who else do people think are behind efforts to ban big sodas or sue hairdressers for charging women more than men? Who harasses little kids for making toy guns out of sticks, pop tarts or their own fingers? Who wants to regulate the air you breathe? The food you eat and the beverages you drink? Who wants to control your thermostat? Take your guns? Your cigarettes? Heck, your candy cigarettes? Who’s in favor of speech codes on campuses and “hate crime” laws everywhere? Who’s in favor of free speech when it comes to taxpayer-subsidized “art” and pornography (so long as you use a condom, if liberals get their way) but then bangs their spoons on their high chairs for strict regulations when it comes to political speech? Who loves meddling, finger-wagging billionaires like Michael Bloomberg when they use state power and taxpayer money to herd, bully and nudge people but thinks billionaires like the Koch brothers who want to shrink government are the root of all tyranny?

» Abortion Practitioners Played Catch With Bodies of Babies Killed in Abortion

Former workers in the abortion industry have told us stories about playing games of toss with aborted babies in the hallway. Your mind has to invert what is going on: to make it a game, a joke, something positive. It’s the only way to keep from going crazy — and some of them do.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most, that really upset me the most, was that he [the abortionist] had done an abortion, he had a fetus wrapped inside of a blue paper. He stuck it inside of a surgical glove and put another glove over it. He was standing in the hall, speaking with myself and two of his assistants. He was tossing the fetus up in the air and catching it. Like it was a rubber ball. I just looked at him and it’s like doctor, please. And he laughed. He says, “Nobody knows what this is.”

Lemme Summit Furya
When a surgeon removes a lump of cancer tissue and tosses it into a container, he doesn’t feel any guilt, no remorse, second thought, doubt or any compulsion to “act out”. He hasn’t lost any humanity, his soul is not tarnished, he will not think about that lump the next day – wonder what it might have become. Not the next day, or the next, or the next.
The “pro choice” crowd tell themselves (and the rest of us) that the stuff removed from women’s bodies during an abortion is not a person, not a human – but simply tissue. If that was the case, it that was true then so many abortionists and helpers thereof would not be going slowly crazy.

They know what they are doing. The first human they killed was themselves.