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August 20, 2013

» CDC Study Ordered by Obama Contradicts White House Anti-gun Narrative

Obama had announced at the beginning of the year his push for three major gun control initiatives — universal background checks, a ban on “assault weapons,” and a ban on “high-capacity” magazines — to prevent future mass shootings, no doubt hoping that the CDC study would oblige him by providing evidence that additional gun control measures were justified to reduce gun violence. On the contrary, that study refuted nearly all the standard anti-gun narrative and instead supported many of the positions taken by gun ownership supporters

the key finding the president was no doubt seeking — that more laws would result in less crime — was missing. The study said that “interventions,” such as background checks and restrictions on firearms and increased penalties for illegal gun use, showed “mixed” results, while “turn-in” programs “are ineffective” in reducing crime. The study noted that most criminals obtained their guns in the underground economy — from friends, family members, or gang members — well outside any influence from gun controls on legitimate gun owners.

If the president was looking to the CDC report for support on how to reduce the threat of firearm-related violence through legislation restricting the rights of American citizens, he was sorely disappointed. Perhaps that’s why so few of the media have publicized the report. In fact, the only establishment media even to mention the report was the Washington Post, which criticized it for not answering questions that it wasn’t asked to answer!

~~ via MoonBattery : CDC Report Ordered by Obama Supports Pro-Gun Position

The study did find that the USA has a higher firearm-related homicide rate than other countries. However,

    As Graham Noble of Guardian Express noted, “If one were to exclude figures for Illinois, California, New Jersey and Washington, DC, the homicide rate in the United States would be in line with any other country.” These areas, of course, are noted for the most restrictive gun laws in the country, thus negating any opportunity for the president to celebrate the report’s findings.

If more encroachment on the Second Amendment is the answer, then the question must be something other than how to make law-abiding citizens more safe.

» California: Anti-Gun Legislation Must Be Stopped in Sacramento

With both the state Senate and Assembly now back to work, anti-gun legislators are moving fast to build momentum to railroad passage of severe anti-gun legislation.

“Economically Unsustainable and Morally Intolerable”
» Welfare Pays Better Than Entry Level Jobs

Eye Openers
Via Nice Deb, here’s two photos (out of many) from Egypt that should serve to change folk’s perspective.

This one:

bearing the caption “MUSLIMS PROTECTING CHURCHES: this is a moving picture Muslims doing their Friday prayers in front of Church to protect it from attack by militants! This is the Egypt we all dream of.” serves to change or at least soften the perspective of some anti-islamists (like myself). For once, I think I may be seeing what has so often been referred to as moderate muslims.
It’s an ‘I’ll be danged’ moment.

Then there’s this one:

No comment necessary.

» Public School Promotes 5 Pillars of Islam
» An apology letter to Mr. Obama


» Citizen Journalist

“in truth we don’t have the wherewithal to discredit the media. We merely scoop them. They discredit themselves by refusing to cover stories with national implications that much of America already knows to be news.” The current examples of this are the 2012 Benghazi attack and the Obamacare debacle that continues to unfold with illegal delays, waivers, and its hideous implementation by an already tarnished Internal Revenue Service, involved in its own scandal.

If you are wondering why President Obama — despite scandals growing like mushrooms, despite his outright lies about Obamacare and the Benghazi attack — continues to go largely unchallenged by the mainstream press, O’Keefe provides a pithy answer: “If today’s reporters found themselves in revolutionary France, they would be endorsing the head choppers, and their audience would cheer each head as it hit the basket.”

» And a One and a Two – Excreting, the Muzzie Way


Frederick Dame –

The title of this exposé means that if a believer does Number One and Number Two
properly, that believer will be a good Muslim. Of course, unbelievers are not
Muslims and therefore, they do Number One and Number Two improperly, thus
showing that they are impure. Only Muslims are pure! (But pure what?)

Pallywood training in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood “protesters” pose for the cameras
It shows a Muslim Brotherhood “demonstration” in Egypt that was specifically staged to get the most dramatic poses, as the actors freeze their poses for the photographers. Injuries and even bloodstains are faked.

~~ via iOwnTheWorld : Phony Palestinians

» Hillary: Voter Fraud a Phantom Epidemic – Pantsuit On Fire

She, the liar, called General David Petraeus a liar in the Senate Chamber.

After Benghazi, a great many in America suspended belief in Hillary Clinton’s charred character. I personally suspended belief when she blamed her husband’s lewd and dangerous liasons with Monica Lewinsky on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” No mercy for Hillary Clinton, just as there was no mercy for Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith.

Listen up all you girls planning to vote for Hillary: she despises who you are. If you’re a stay-at-home Mom, really…she has no respect for you or ‘your’ kind. If you are God-fearing, well, you probably also bake cookies for your man. She despises you. If you don’t need free birth control, she despises you. If you would NEVER consider an abortion, Hillary wishes you had been aborted. What a bother you are. On the other hand, if your Mom and Dad work for the Muslim Brotherhood, you are adored. Give me one reason, just one, why you would vote for this woman for president.

~~ via Pak Starz