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July 29, 2013

» O’Reilly, Keep Those Right-on Commentaries Comin’, White Boy

Eric Holder and others on the left have been whining and arrogantly scolding us saying that we need an honest discussion about race in America. Whenever despicable race hustlers such as Holder suggest that we talk about race, it means they want to further the false narrative that America is still racist and somebody needs to get paid; more entitlements, growing government bigger and increased deficit spending.
Well, O’Reilly called Holder and company’s hand and honestly addressed race in America! And the Left are out of their minds with rage. Why? Because like the famous line spoken by Jack Nicholson, the Left “can’t handle the truth”.

If you like playing Connect the Dots, well get yer pencil ready and start clicking and reading.
» Does This Interview Regarding Obama’s Past Indicate He Is Pushing For Social Unrest Today?

… it was while Obama was a student at Occidental College that he had time to spend with a man named John Drew. Both were at that time avowed students of Marxism and went to all the Marxist ideology courses and meetings they could attend. Obama was in fact a member of the Democratic Socialist Alliance.

Here we have a bit of the insight of Obama’s ideology when he was at Occidental College in California, but just what does this have to do with what he is doing now? Let us piece this together for all to get a bit of understanding of what Obama said while in Illinois earlier this week and what he stated while learning the ways of Karl Marx …

… Consider Obama’s remarks about the US not doing as he says could result in “social unrest.” Taken by itself the remarks are very light and fall into place in his speech, but taken with his ideology of having a Communist-style revolution it takes on an entire new meaning, and one that has to be hit head on before he sets his plan into action

… the people of the United States can factually see that Obama had the idea that a Communist-style revolution would be needed in the United States!

» Coleman Young: the Communist Who Destroyed Detroit

It is important to know that it was a combination of crony capitalism and communism that destroyed Detroit, because that is exactly the formula being employed by Young’s spiritual heir, Barack Obama, from the White House today.
… another black Communist Party supporter …, Percy Sutton, a future Manhattan borough president … would later go on to mentor and employ a young radical named Eric Holder, and write a letter of recommendation to get a young Barack Obama into Harvard.

It was the 1983 victory of long time Communist Party affiliate Harold Washington that inspired a young Barack Obama to move to the Windy City two years later.

Washington stacked Chicago City Hall full of communists and socialists. Coleman Young did the same in Detroit. He even appointed Communist Party supporter Dave Moore, Director of the city’s Senior Citizens Department.

So, it’s no surprise to see Barack Obama doing the same thing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Dots, dots and more dots. Connect them all and the picture is … hey, I didn’t say it would be pretty.

» New $444 million hockey arena is still a go in Detroit
At least there will some use for the 143 square miles that used to be a city …. gonna be one heckuva parking lot.

» Quack, Quack!! Duck Dynasty … A Good Waste of Time.
» Italy: Muslims Defecate On Church Altar
» Surprise: Republican White Guy Beats Hispanic Female Progressive in Mostly Latino California District
» Koreans Take Shot At American Names After Southwest Landing Gear Incident
» The Left – Bereft of a Moral Compass


» The Progressive and the Pencil

There was no “Pencil Czar” sending out orders from Washington. It was the magic of the free market. The impersonal operation of a market system that brought them together and got them to cooperate to make this pencil, so that you could have it for a few pennies.

How many of the Democrats’ despised “millionaires and billionaires” were created as this pencil came into existence? Do the employees of the steel mill care? The saw manufacturer? The buyer of the pencil? Of course not.

More Dots
» The Environmental Lobby’s Great Forest Con

Thinking beyond step one has never been a priority for environmental extremists. But that is no excuse for the rest of us not to do so.

… environmental extremism hurts consumers, businesses, and workers – including family farmers, millworkers, woodworkers, carpenters, and truckers – alike. Denying them options in certification markets or entry into green building projects does nothing for the environment or the economy.

Dot #1: Environmental policies, if implemented, always result in economic failure to some degree. Even their policies that go unimplemented can be considered economic bombs by simply looking at chains of events that would result.
Dot #2: The heads and staffs of environmental organizations and agencies are heavily populated by outright communists or have ties to communists. Don’t take my word for it. Just in case I’m making that up, do some looking for yourself.

Connect those two dots and label the line between them.

» DOOMED: Top 9 Big Cities That Will Soon Be Following Detroit Down the Black Hole of Democrat-Union Bankruptcy

… What do all of these cities — and many, many more — have in common? The infernal alliance of the Democrat Party and public sector unions.

» Statism is turning America into Detroit – Ayn Rand’s Starnesville come to life

You thought Atlas Shrugged was fiction?

~~ via MoonBattery : Detroit: Atlas Shrugged Comes True

Atlas Shrugged wasn’t fiction; it was prophecy. When Ayn Rand wrote it, Detroit had the highest gross domestic product per capita in the country. Yet read her description of the Detroit to come (called Starnesville in the novel) …

How did the Motor City deteriorate into Starnesville? Through moonbattery, just as in Atlas Shrugged. Specifically, Detroit was obliterated by the demographic shift liberals promote and extoll; by union corruption, laziness, and thuggery; and by massive government bloat.

Nothing is so strong that the vile disease that is liberalism cannot render it weak. What this creeping death did to Detroit, it is well on the way to doing to America as a whole.

» Marion Barry Explains Why Having No Job Is Better Than Having One at Walmart

The primary economic objective of liberalism is to increase government dependency by preventing constructive economic activity, usually under some sanctimonious pretext derived from Marxism or radical environmentalism.

» Now It’s 68 Years Later

~~ Via