Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by March 23 2016)
2016: 5,025 / 6,359

2015: 27,588 / 26,136
2014: 32,862 / 27,522
2013: 16,774 / 29,577
2012: 11,546 / 20,254
2011: 9,086 / 16,921
2010: 9,233 / 17,461
2009: 9,176/ 18,612
2008: 10,798 / 18,088
2007: 20,478 / 27,317
2006: 15,245 / 19,496
2005: 7,625 / 12,855
2004: 7,166 / 14,574

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July 18, 2013

» Holder Exploits Passion of Saint Skittles to Attack Stand Your Ground Laws

Never let a crisis go to waste, especially a crisis you helped create yourself. That’s the motto of the Obama Regime

Only our rulers get to stand their ground. The ruled are to submit passively to feral beasts like Trayvon Martin, who have the authorities on their side. That’s how anarcho-tyranny works.

our rulers bank on the public being sufficiently ignorant of the facts as to think stand your ground laws killed Saint Skittles. It helps to have control of the media.

» Eric Holder Opens Email Account to Gather Dirt for Persecuting George Zimmerman

When a Marxist community organizer with no serious qualifications was elected President of the United States out of sheer moonbattery, it seemed America had hit rock bottom and could sink no lower. Yet since then we have reached new lows on a regular basis. The latest milestone in our sociopolitical plunge to absolute zero is a “Justice Department” so desperate to dig up dirt on a race criminal whose railroading was derailed when a jury found him innocent that the Attorney General has set up a tip line for collecting any dirt that can be distorted into an excuse to throw him in prison

Getting closer to the source of the corruption:

IRS attorney Carter Hull has told congressional investigators that the Agency’s chief counsel’s office had asked to review the applications of tea party and conservative organization targeted for heightened scrutiny. William Walkins, chief counsel of the IRS, is a political appointee of President Obama. Hull’s testimony provides the closest link between the IRS scandal and the White House.

This Just In: Clue-nado strikes WhiteHouse
» Obama: I “probably” can’t grant amnesty on my own

Is this the analysis of a constitutional law scholar?

Executive orders only impact the executive branch. Granted, that’s a wide area of regulatory turf, but EOs cannot negate statutory law. Illegal immigrants are illegal because they violated that statutory law by either crossing a border without permission or by overstaying their visas. In order to grant them legal status within the US, Congress has to pass a statute creating that exception. That’s true even for those whom the Obama administration refuses to deport; they’re still illegal immigrants, albeit in a limbo status. If Obama issued an EO stopping all deportations, that wouldn’t change the legal status of anyone in this country, and it might force courts to instruct the White House that it can’t refuse to do its job.

» NAACP, MoveOn: ‘Right to Life’ Violated in Trayvon Martin Killing

A petition by the NAACP – which has shown support for abortion – and the ardently pro-abortion invokes the “right to life” in calling for the U.S. Justice Department to take action against George Zimmerman ….

How audacious is it to make a ridiculous and self-contradicting statement and still expect your minions to remain stupid enough to believe it? Maybe none at all, audacity doesn’t seem to be relevant when dealing with the morons that fill the rosters of NAACP and MoveOn.

On Sunday, the organization made public an e-mail from NAACP President Ben Jealous to head John Neumann after the Zimmermann verdict. is heavily involved in starting petitions for liberal groups.

The NAACP does not take a formal position for or against abortion, but in May joined a lawsuit against the state of Arizona, which enacted a ban on race and gender-based abortions.

Catch that? Arizona enacted a ban on killing black babies and NAACP tried to sue them.
The essence of the message from NAACP and MoveOn is that only blacks and/or abortionists can kill blacks.

So, let’s just label the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident as a retro-active abortion and moooooove on.

MoveOn has a petition stating

    The Department of Justice has closely monitored the State of Florida’s prosecution of the case against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder since it began. Today, with the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it is time for the Department of Justice to act.

    “The most fundamental of civil rights—the right to life—was violated the night George Zimmerman stalked and then took the life of Trayvon Martin,” the petition continues. “We ask that the Department of Justice file civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation.”

Considering the rich history of anti-life activism by, how does anyone take seriously their sudden concern for the right to life? If one is not an idiot then one easily recognizes that has absolutely no concern for the lives of blacks and NAACP has absolutely no concern for the genuine rights of blacks.
That only leaves the realization that both of these organizations are concerned only with advancement of the Leftist agenda by division of Americans along whatever lines of social, religious or racial class.

The goal is the destruction of American culture.

» Really, Just How Naive Can Black Voters Be? Do You Care What Your Children Are Taught? Are Lies Acceptable?

To my black Democrat friends (you know who you are), think about what you are allowing your children to be taught, think about what you’ve allowed yourself to believe. Know the truth and be glad of it. Had it not been for Republicans, and a war to gain your freedom, this country would be far different from today. Textbook below ….

‘Textbook’ referred to includes an exhaustively comprehensive timeline of the evolution of the anti-racism Republican Party.
You should read it.
It should be required reading for all Americans, especially black dhimmicrats.

» Trayvon Witness: It was Homophobia, not Racism

Rachel Jeantel is just the gift that won’t stop running its mouth. Even after the trial of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin, Jeantel just keeps on proving that the jury reached the right decision.

» The Shawarma Republics are Burning

Had the forces of Islam not turned the Middle East upside down, the nation state might have evolved out of individual cultures, rather than as a strange hybrid of feudalism and Great Powers colonialism. For all their bluster and viciousness, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon are abandoned colonies. The Gulf states are even worse, backward clans of cutthroat merchants who are parasitically feeding off the West, even as they try to destroy it.

When you don’t have a nation, but you do have an army, then what you have is not a state, but a Shawarma Republic. To keep the army from overthrowing the leader, he must find internal or external enemies. When a downturn occurs, and the mobs gather, either the army massacres the mob or overthrows the ruler. Or the rebels cut a deal with some internal elements and wipe out the loyalists.

This is an old regional narrative that has nothing to do with democracy, human rights, Twitter or any of the other nonsense flowing through New York Times columns faster than the sewers of Cairo.

» Prophet’s Perps Raping Kids In Britain: No Kids Safe From Muhammed’s Minions

Our cousins across the Pond are in the vanguard of this war on the West in Europe, perpetrated by Islam. They are beginning to feel the full weight of this draconian system that entered their welcoming nation under the guise of a “religion of peace“. As these supremacist squatters came, settled and multiplied … but refused to assimilate into their host countries, they began to exhibit the characteristics of their prophet …

Bombings, beheadings, and rape …

The child rape problem by Muslim perps has now become pandemic in England.
… “As one police officer said to me, ‘There isn’t a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited.’ We should start from the assumption that children are being sexually exploited right the way across the country.”

» Islamic history will now be foisted on all British kids in school

“There is already a good understanding of Christianity taught in schools,” Mulla told the Iranian media outlet. “But I don’t think a lot of Christians really understand what the Muslim faith is about.”

WELL DUH! If they truly understood Islam, this wouldn’t be happening!

Big Lie coming:

“As is well known, the early Islamic civilizations gave much to the world,” the spokesman said, “and we would certainly support the teaching of such an important part of world history.”

Lemme correct that statement: As is well known, the early Arabic civilizations gave much to the world. But that was before Moe-Pedofeel-SerialKiller-Hammed came along and did away with everything ‘civil’ about being Arab. Since then, Islamic-Arab Non-Civilizations have given much death and slavery to the world – and nothing else.

» Affirmative Action Gone Wild: Ivy League Professor Denounces God as a Racist
» Being completely full of crap knows no international boundaries.
» Carolla rips MSNBC ‘p*ssy ass-wipe’ Thomas Roberts for ‘white shame’ comments
» Black Students to Visit Historically Black Colleges to Pray to End Abortion


Rolling Stone : Left Leaning?
Flat, Level, Horizontal Posture is not a “leaning”. Rolling Stone has been, and becoming more so, an advocate for anti-Americanism. What’s revealing to me, is that only now do so many ‘celebrities’ find the Commie mag repulsive.

» Rolling Stone’s strange, dreamy cover of terrorist

» ‘Go to hell’: Vocalist David Draiman of Disturbed destroys ‘ultra-liberal’ Rolling Stone in epic rant
» Dean Cain ‘sick’ from Rolling Stone Boston bomber cover
» Brad Paisley: ‘We shouldn’t make rock stars out of murderers’
» ‘Boston Strong’: CVS tweets refusal to sell terror-glamorizing Rolling Stone issue

» Rolling Stone Has Always Been TEEN BEAT For the Crud of Mankind

… including the readers and the contributors.

» 12 states sue EPA over agency’s alleged ‘sue and settle’ tactics

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the attorneys general of 11 other states sued the Environmental Protection Agency Tuesday, demanding that the agency turn over documents the states allege will show the agency cooperates with environmental groups as part of a “sue and settle” legal strategy to develop regulations.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, alleges that binding consent decrees between the EPA and environmental groups that have sued the agency over the years have led to new rules and regulations for states without allowing their attorneys general to defend their interests and those of its businesses and consumers.
“The EPA is picking winners and losers, exhibiting favoritism, at the expense of due process and transparency,” Pruitt said in a statement. “They are manipulating our legal system to achieve what they cannot through our representative democracy. The outcomes of their actions affect every one of us by sticking states with the bill and unnecessarily raising utility rates by as much as 20 percent.”

EPA’s press secretary in Washington, D.C., Alisha Johnson, denied allegations that the agency cooperates with environmental groups to develop regulations.
“We have no input or control over what parties sue us or what issues they focus on,” Johnson said.

Alisha Johnson is either a liar or an incompetent boob.
No, wait. I said that under the assumption that as an employee of a federal agency she would be making statements from the point of view of what is best for America. I admit, that was a stupid assumption on my part.

The “sue and settle” tactic has been employed for decades by the EPA – in collaboration with multiple “environmental” activist groups. The EPA funds these groups through various means. These groups the sue the EPA over ridiculous “environmental” issues. The EPA “capitulates” under pressure from the courts and enacts regulations favorable to the suing groups.
The EPA gets what it really wanted to begin with – without having to wait for Constitutional process.

… as many as 40 lawsuits have been filed against EPA over the years by such environmental groups as Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, WildEarth Guardians and the Sierra Club that have led to consent decrees, “sometimes on the same day the lawsuit is filed,” that include terms and conditions that go beyond statutory guidelines approved by Congress.

To put it bluntly, the EPA uses the “sue and settle” tactic to circumvent Congress and undermine the Constitution to impose and enforce their agenda on the entire nation.

Johnson said EPA does not enter into legal settlements that give the agency new or additional authority.
“An outside entity cannot compel us to take action we were not already compelled to take by law,” she said.

“It’s a regulation-through-litigation type of initiative,” Pruitt said. “And we are not even a party to that litigation. That’s a troublesome thing.”

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