July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013
» Democratic aide brings gun into courthouse, receives ticket

An aide to Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers got off with a warning after illegally bringing a gun into a public building.
… received no sentence or formal punishment. Just a ticket, which will be stricken from her record if she demonstrates good behavior

Well now, let’s look at all the facts in this story before we jump to conclusions of Dhimmicrat hypocrisy and judicial bias.
One – The aide was not a grammar-school student whispering the word “gun” in private conversation, or biting a pop-tart into the shape of a gun or carrying a plastic toy Lego gun. Any of those types of infractions are documented, precedent-set cases of prosecution-worthy infraction of law and morals. The aide was carrying a real gun.

Two – This is an aide to a Dhimmicrat representative who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Progressives, and as such enjoys the inherited immunity to law that is part of being a Dhimmicrat. The fact that her boss is a rabid anti-gunner only serves to illustrate …. something … they will let us know how that logic works … later … if pressed.
After all, she’s never been to a Tea Party so there’s no basis for suspicion of ill intent in breaking a few laws, carrying a gun into a courthouse …

» Federal judge: Post Office violated man’s rights by banning gun from parking lot

» It’s Come to This: Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Block Funding For Schools That Punish Students Who Play With Imaginary Guns

» The Government Scandal (You Haven’t Heard Of)

By now it is well-known that public employee contracts with generous wage and benefits are bankrupting state and local governments across the country and encircling the necks of future generations with an anvil of debt. What is almost completely unknown is that the hard-nosed union officials who negotiate lavish contracts for government workers are often paid to do so with taxpayer dollars.

» Why the Zimmerman Prosecutors Should Be Disbarred

When Broward County, Fl … all of Florida …. the entire country … is embroiled in race riots, and you’re wondering how it all got started; this is a good article to refer back to.
It’s a long read, a step-by-step analysis of the rape of justice known as the Zimmerman Kangaroo trial.

» State’s Closing Argument: Two Hours of Raising Doubt

When I heard the State’s opening statements, and heard them describe the “facts” they said they would prove–knowing, with discovery effectively concluded, that there existed no evidence to support those representations–I thought to myself, the State’s got nothing.

When the State rested its case, and a few days later the defense did the same, and still there was nowhere to be seen a coherent, compelling, fact-based narrative of guilt–much less one supported by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, I thought to myself, the State’s got nothing.

And this morning, when the State made their bizarre and desperate reach for murder 3 based on child abuse–properly denied by Judge Nelson–I thought to myself, that’s the act of a State prosecution team that’s got nothing.

This afternoon, throughout a couple of hours of closing argument by the lead attorney on the State prosecution team, Bernie de la Rionda, the truth was finally as concrete and undeniable as a sidewalk to the head–the State has nothing.

This afternoon I heard what was perhaps the most disjointed, fact-free, histrionic, and ineffective closing argument that I’ve heard delivered by a State prosecutor in a murder case in more than two decades of practicing law.

Bernie de la Rionda … began his opening with a rather remarkably weak opening, stating that “a teenager is dead through no fault of his own, because another man made assumptions.” This does not strike one as particularly consistent with the evidence–the State’s own witnesses have Martin confronting Zimmerman, not the reverse, and surely no reasonable jury is going to believe that Zimmerman caused his own injuries. To say that Martin bears no fault seems simply incredible. Further, to my knowledge no one has ever died yet because a casual observer made some assumptions about him.

» Zimmerman Jury Instructed To Find Him Guilty Of Something

In obvious anticipation of George ZImmerman being likely found innocent of murder charges, Judge Debra Nelson ruled Thursday that the jury will now have the option to convict Zimmerman of any number of lesser charges, including manslaughter, slavery, excessive noise (gunshot), personal property damage (hoodie), public property damage (head hitting sidewalk), littering (Trayvon), and felony screaming like a girl.

The defense unsuccessfully objected to the additional charges, as well as the fact that all jurors are now wearing hoodies.

~~ Via

» Politicized ‘Science’: No, Castle Doctrine Does Not Increase Violent Crime

When George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, anti-rights politicians and media saw an opportunity to sway public opinion in favor of repealing state “castle doctrine” laws. All they needed was supportive “research.”

The media ate it up. The Chicago Tribune ran an article titled “Report: ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws lead to increase in homicide.” Think Progress, while covering Alaska governor Sean Parnell’s signing of the state’s new Stand Your Ground law, wrote: “Studies have shown that Stand Your Ground laws are discriminatory, associated with higher homicide rates, and don’t deter crime.”

Had the media actually explored available data themselves, Cheng and Hoekstra’s research would have been marginalized instead of lauded as evidence that “castle doctrine” should be repealed.

» GOP immigration plan devised by Communist Party
» How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages
» Sponge Barb Boxerpants Says: The Right to Abortion ‘Is Not Infinite’
» Let Them Starve: Gitmo Swindlers Strike Again


» Article claims Obama called Tea Partiers domestic terrorists while in Africa

An article making the rounds on the Internet says that Barack Obama told AP reporter Ramona Darlington that members of the Tea Party fit the profile of a domestic terrorist while in Tanzania. But the Washington Post said Friday that the story is false, and the reporter cited does not exist.

“The Left loves it when gullible people on the Right circulate stuff like this. Stick to just the facts, because they are bad enough,” …

“The truth about this president is bad enough, folks, there is no reason to invent quotes or circulate them,”

» Afghan judges free three jailed for torture of child bride Sahar Gul

Sold as a wife when she was an illiterate 12-year-old, her in-laws wasted little time embarking on a campaign of almost unimaginable torture. They starved her, chained her in a basement bathroom, beat her, burned her with red-hot metal pipes and pulled her fingernails out.

By the end of her ordeal she could no longer walk, and was rescued from her makeshift prison in a wheelbarrow. But last week, according to her lawyer and women’s activists, a court ordered the release of Gul’s mother-in-law, father-in-law, and sister-in-law saying there was no proof of abuse.

» At least 3 coal plants announced closing since Obama’s energy speech

About 380 jobs will be affected due to the Pennsylvania plant closures and 95 jobs will be affected by the Ohio closure.

The loss of the Ohio plant will result in the loss of 585 megawatts of electricity. The closing of the two Pennsylvania plants will result in the loss of 2,080 megawatts, which represented 10 percent of the FirstEnergy’s generating capacity and 30 percent of the Environmental Protection Agency compliance costs, the company’s statement said.

Fifteen thousand megawatts of coal-fired power have been lost since President Obama took office in 2009, according to Reuters. And another 37,000 megawatts will be lost in the next 10 years ago due to regulations and market costs.

Hurray! Our gummint musta saved so much money by telling the troops at Lejeune and Ft Bragg ‘Screw You’ – that we can afford something really important:

» Commerce Dept. Spent $2.7 Million to Fix Nonexistent Computer Virus

Not only did the agency have $170,500 worth of working equipment destroyed, they paid $4,300 to have it done.

The ordeal ended up costing $2,747,000

» $150 million worth of new grants intended to help consumers enroll in Obamacare

Geez, who’da guessed it was cheaper than funding a couple of fireworks shows for an entire gummint agency to burn all their computers for no particularly good reason other than spending $2.7 million to replace them? And then, while we’re enjoying that bit of good news we get to feel good about the $150 million we didn’t waste on fireworks so thousands of us can sign up for the slavery of Obamacare.

» Hezbollah Is Coming Through Unguarded Border

Islamic terrorists have access to our country through the southern border. This border has been left deliberately undefended as part of a campaign by the federal government to “fundamentally transform” America demographically …

Funny, right there …

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