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July 5, 2013

» Military Fireworks Show Cut, Even Though Local Company Volunteered To Do It For Free

The military says the show meant for more than 47-thousand Marines and Sailors was cancelled due to federal cutbacks.
… “There just aren’t the funds due to sequestration.”

Due to sequestration and federal cutbacks?
Dhimmicrats are still trying use a reduction in the rate of spending growth, calling it a cutback, to undermine future efforts to actually cut back.
While (THHO)Obama is still yukkin’ it up in his ‘homeland’ of Africa, with a pricetag of $10 million, the people who have sacrificed the most for our freedom and liberty are told they’re not worthy of a piddly fireworks show on the day we celebrate our freedom and liberty … because we can’t afford it?

If you’re looking for a takeaway on that, you have two choices:
1 – This administration spits on our military
2 – (THHO)Obama’s Africa trip was reduced in scope, due to cuts and sequestration, and would have originally cost us $100 million.
Ok, you don’t have to choose, you can have both.

~~ MoonBattery.com

» If NY Times treated Mohammed Morsi the way it treated Hosni Mubarak

Yesterday … the editors were noticeably less charitable to the current pro-democracy protesters and somewhat less hostile to President Morsi than they were to his long serving predecessor.

To be sure, the editorial criticizes Morsi, but does so in a “why did he do what he did?” mode rather than acknowledging that Morsi’s affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood ensured that he would pursue an extreme path and seek to arrogate as much power to himself as possible.

The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t simply a political party, like Democrats or Republicans in the United States. It is a highly disciplined organization that demands fealty to its ideals, ideas and practices by its members. There are no casual members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover its ideology is anti-American and antisemitic and has its roots in Nazism.

Few people are aware of the roots of the Muslim Brotherhood. Doug Ross offered, in 2011, an explanation of why the accusations of Nazism are so very appropriate:
» A Brief, Illustrated History of the Obama Administration’s New Pals, the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim groups which today seek to bring about a global totalitarian empire are not only fascists, but can trace their origins to Nazism and its genocidal ambitions.

The ideology of the Islamists whose ranks today include not only al-Qaeda but also Hamas and Hezbollah — originated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. And the Muslim Brotherhood finds not just its roots, but much of its symbolism, terminology, and common cause deep within the origins of Nazism.

» Obama Deeply Concerned About Removal of Morsi and Suspension of Hated Islamic Constitution – Warns He’ll Cut Off Aid If Morsi Arrested

Obama released a terse statement today, expressing his displeasure with how things are going in Egypt, reiterating his threat to withhold aid if the military doesn’t meet his demands, which includes not arresting Morsi or any of his supporters. Is his Highness afraid of what Morsi might say about his dealings with the White House if interrogated while under arrest? *cough* Benghazi *cough* (yeah, I said it.)

All of this reminds me of what the Regime did when the Honduran Military along with their Supreme Court and Congress deposed their Marxist despot back in 2009. The Obama Regime took the side of all of the Communist dictators in the region and punished the poor, pro-American country for not allowing the Chavez wannabe back into power. It was mortifying. Thankfully, the Hondurans stuck to their guns and basically told the Obama, “up yours”, just like the Egyptian people are telling him, now.

» WSJ: We’re Sorry We Were Too Soft on Obamacare

“These columns fought the Affordable Care Act from start to passage, and we’d now like to apologize to our readers. It turns out we weren’t nearly critical enough,” the paper said in an editorial on its website.
…. “This is more than a typical government snafu. It relates directly to the design of the law, which was thoughtlessly written and rammed through Congress with instructions for the bureaucracy to figure it all out,”

» HILARIOUS: Real Satanists Want Nothing To Do With Abortion Supporters
» ‘The Taliban are taking over!’ A collection of anti-#HB695 tweets


» Twitter explodes with death threats against George Zimmerman, white people

» Zimmerman’s Fate and Looming Race Riots

Trayvon Martin became a cause célèbre for race-hatred promoters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who called for marches and boycotts against the city of Sanford. Their efforts were aided and abetted by corrupt media, which bent over backwards to insert race into the equation. Those efforts included the New York Times referring to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic,” NBC purposefully editing an audiotape of his 911 call to make Zimmerman appear racist, CNN claiming Zimmerman used the word “coon” when he actually said “cold,” and innumerable news outlets publishing a picture of Martin at age 13, despite the fact that he was 17 and over six feet tall at the time of the incident.

… the media’s effort to paint Zimmerman as racist was part of a well-coordinated publicity campaign … “Within the prior networking connections to this lawsuit, and within the media consulting/advocacy, is where the outline of the Congressional Black Caucus and substantive race-dependent civil rights leaders such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP’s Ben Jealous are connected …

… Philadelphia Tribune columnist Charles D. Ellison takes it one step further, insisting that the “pervasive cynicism currently surrounding the trial could be validated by an acquittal–and there is the risk of a flashpoint as intense as the aftermath of that fateful Los Angeles police brutality verdict in 1992.”

The message here is clear: either Zimmerman is found guilty, irrespective of the evidence, or the country will burn.

You could say that any blood shed over this trial will be blood on the hands of Jackson, Sharpton, Jealous and (THHO)Obama. But they know that, they’re waiting patiently with extended hands to catch as much of that blood as they can.

The L.A. riots over the King beating trial caught the country by surprise. I don’t why, any fool among us could have seen it coming – nevertheless, there it was. The trial in Sanford FL, is different in that the whole country is waiting, poised for action. Racially motivated thugs, black and white, are bouncing in their corners waiting for the bell to ring. That bell is the words “not guilty” to be uttered by a jury foreman.

Obviously, there is one man who could go a long way toward defusing this entire scenario should he choose to do so. President Barack Obama could rise above the fray and explain to every American that our system of justice means nothing if the threat of violence can corrupt the verdict of a murder trial. The President could make it clear that violent outbursts of any kind are absolutely unacceptable and attempt to defuse an already tense environment. He won’t, however, because race riots are good for the Democratic Party. They fire up the base. It’s what the whole show was for.

» Justin Amash factchecks ‘nice apology note’ written by intel chief after giving false testimony

Clapper’s apology was necessitated by Edward Snowden’s leaks pertaining to National Security Agency surveillance of phone records, which Clapper had denied took place.

“Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Wyden asked during the hearing.

“No, sir,” Clapper replied.

After lawmakers and media noticed the discrepancy between his testimony and the truth, Clapper defending himself during an NBC News interview, saying that he had replied in “the most truthful, or least untruthful manner.”

Clapper is in full-throttle CYA mode. He knows the only reason he hasn’t already been indicted for perjury is that the people who will be responsible for filing the charge (Congressional Republicans) are waiting for their balls to bud and grow.


… prosecuting, said: “It is the prosecution case that on this occasion, fortified by the apparent ease at which a stranger could be attacked, this time he travelled to Manchester armed with a knife and intending to kill someone.”

» Obama Will Make Blacks Vote Republican

… For many blacks, Obama as president represents someone who clearly, genuinely cares about the black community. Is there any doubt that Obama wants what he thinks is best for the black community? Comedian Chris Rock was not doing stand-up when he said President Obama is like “the dad of the country.” Well, the results are in. And they are not good.

» FBI Still Hasn’t Contacted IRS-Targeted Tea Party Groups About Investigation

American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Executive Director Jordan Sekulow, whose organization now represents 41 tea party groups in a case against the IRS, told CNSNews.com that they, too, are waiting to hear anything pertaining to the investigation.

“To date, none of our clients or any of our attorneys has been contacted by the FBI. The Director continues to assert that this is a priority for the Bureau, but at this point, there’s little evidence to suggest that this probe is on the fast track,” Mr. Sekulow wrote. “There has been no contact with any of the 41 conservative organizations we represent – the real victims of this IRS targeting scheme. Our expanded lawsuit continues to move forward.”

» On #IndependenceDay, remember the sacrifices of old, & continue to fight for life

This Independence Day, let’s pause to reflect and remember all the sacrifices made by those who gave all in a damned courageous and worthy fight for America’s independence. And please continue to fight for those who have the right to be born, because without the gift of life, there is no liberty and no pursuit of happiness.