July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013
» The Insiders: Democrats are trying to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare

… the rolling thunder of the approaching ObamaCare train can be heard in the distance. Smart Democrats are beginning to get frantic about the need to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare between now and the 2014 midterm elections ….

» Riots: Ain’t Nobody Gonna Like It

Watching the Zimmerman trial, I wonder whether we may not be in for big trouble. Racial hostility is much higher in the United States than it is allowed to appear. In the Twittersphere there is much traffic from blacks, saying that if Zimmerman walks, they will kill him themselves, riot, or kill random whites. On many sites around the web, whites of a sort not found on NPR are saying, “Bring it on.” This is not your granny’s recipe for domestic tranquility.

» Failure Deniers: Climate Change and Public-Sector Science

If warmists had to justify their work to clients with business decision-making interest in their results — instead of needing to keep politically vested true believers at the EPA, anti-progress environmental lobbyists at “public-interest groups,” and radical wealth distributionists happy — they wouldn’t be influential anymore.

They would have long ago been forced to objectively reexamine their assumptions and to modify their models to explain the lull, or be fired for incompetence and replaced by those performing more reliable work.

That’s not happening. The more reality continues to mock them, the more recklessly the warmists lash out at, threaten, and litigate against ”deniers,” the more they deliberately manipulate their data to fit their dogma, the more they falsely claim “settled science.”

Along those lines, Obama’s Organizing For America recently sent an email asking members to “Call out climate deniers in Congress,” saying that: “The science on climate change is clear.” One thing is very clear: “the science” isn’t what they say it is.

» What Gabby Gifford’s husband doesn’t want you to know

1. The background check system prevented his purchase of a handgun in February.
2. The current background check system prevented his purchase of an AR-15 in March
3. He keeps a “high capacity” magazine in a Glock 9mm.

So he obviously doesn’t believe all the tripe he preaches – about current background checks not working, nobody needs an “assault rifle” nor hi-cap mags. That means he (like all the anti-gun bigots) is not concerned about ‘the children’ or any other past or future victims of madmen and criminals.
What then is the purpose of all the gun-ban howling? Mark Kelly considers himself as one of the ‘only ones’ who should have the authority and power of gun ownership. Not you, not the average citizen, but the wannabe rulers.
Kelly is just another leftist dupe that believes he’s on the inside of the tyrant-to-be circle; and once all the peasants have been disarmed and rendered controllable, he thinks he’s gonna be one of the privileged few allowed a place in the throne room.


… the “Arab Spring” is proving to be an Islamic takeover by the largest and strongest Islamic faction—Sunni supremacists—who are cleansing the lands of all “non-believers,” from indigenous Christians like Egypt’s Copts to all Shia branches. While apathetic Americans living a world away may think this has little to do with them, it is well to connect the dots and realize that all this is prelude to the resurrection of the caliphate—the chief goal of Sunni Islam, whether for the “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda. And the caliphate exists for one ultimate purpose: to expand, until, in the words of Koran 8:39, “all religion is for Allah,” interpreted to mean, until Islamic Sharia law governs the entire world.

Throughout the middle east, Muslims are butchering muslims:
» Mob kills Shia cleric and followers in Egypt
» Sunni Muslims killing Shia Muslims in Egypt
That’s just two videos, there are thousands more. They’re not hard to find, the animals of islam do not often attempt to hide or deny their behavior. Indeed, they are proud of it.

As much as they hate and butcher each other, they have a common enemy for which they reserve special barbaric treatment. If you don’t bop your head on the floor five times a day then you are among that common enemy and they hate you even more than their own believers whom they brutally butcher.

» Michelle Obama: Being First Lady is like living in a ‘really nice prison’
» Palin makes sense yet again
» Here come the new lib voters: Same-sex couples flood immigration offices for visas
» Jimmy Carter Takes Moral Relativism to the Last Extreme of Absurdity


» Anti- SB5 HuffPo “feminist” urges “sex strike” for TX women against #prolife men

And here you thought that feminism meant that women weren’t supposed to objectify themselves by way of using their bodies as sexual weapons against men? Oh, wait – you probably also thought it meant that it was a movement designed to have us recognized for our brains and contributions to society instead of us just being judged by our lady parts, right? Well, First Wave feminism was like that, anyway, but “modern” or “Second Wave” feminists have turned true, traditional feminism on its ear and have changed the rules on us. Now, it’s all about viewing women as walking vaginas – we are all the sum total of our lady parts, and if you’re pro-life aka against having little baby parts sucked out of a woman’s body piece by bloody piece, well then you are ANTI-WOMAN, dammit! And that doesn’t just go for men, either – yours truly is “anti-woman” even though I AM a woman, simply because I think we as a nation have a moral obligation to protect the most innocent and vulnerable life of all: unborn life.

I’m always amazed at feminists who believe that sex should be given as a “reward” for “good behavior” and “withheld” when disagreement in relationships occur. Why, it’s almost as if these women are ok with objectifying themselves in order to get their significant others to believe a certain way: If you do, guys, they’ll submit to you, but if you don’t, forget about it! It’s almost as if these women believe sex is a chore, as a commodity to be bartered based on what you’re willing to give in return. You know what they say about that sort of thing on the street, right?

» Named: the Australian paedophile jailed for 40 years

Newton was sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually abusing the boy he and Truong, 36 from Queensland, had ‘‘adopted’’ after paying a Russian woman $8000 to be their surrogate in 2005.
Police believe the pair had adopted the boy ‘‘for the sole purpose of exploitation’’. The abuse began just days after his birth and over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network.

Americans Don’t Know WHY We Celebrate the 4th of July or WHAT COUNTRY We Declared Independence From!

I can guarantee that not a single one of these imbeciles were home schooled, and that every damn one of them voted for (THHO)Obama

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