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July 1, 2013

» A Season for Treason

When Obama totes around a copy of The Post-American World and seems more eager to represent the interests of the wrong half of the world over those of his own country, he can hardly complain when men like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden take him at his word and follow in his footsteps.
America’s political elites have a notion of freedom that is as constrained as their Russian or Chinese counterparts, they just believe that outright tyranny of that sort is tacky. They don’t run over people with tanks, they run them over with laws. ….
America’s political elites imagine that they can walk the post-national tightrope while papering over all the cracks with some inspirational guff about American Exceptionalism. Amnesty? Sure, it’s what makes us great as a nation. A treasonous media? Healthy debate is what makes us great. Giving a pass to terrorists? Tolerance is what makes us great. Handing over authority to the UN? America has always led the way for world peace.

How Akbar is that?


Murad, 49, was setting up a monastery in Gassanieh, northern Syria. Last Sunday, on the Christian leader’s Sabbath, extremist militants trying to topple President Bashar Assad breached the monastery and grabbed Murad …

… and sawed his head off.

TheBlaze chose not to post the video purporting to show Father Murad’s murder. It can be viewed here, but please be warned it is extremely graphic and disturbing.

Well, of course it’s graphic and disturbing; it’s really dang hard to present a video of a bunch of barbarians sawing off a guy’s head and keep a G rating. That’s no reason to not post it, on the contrary it’s the best reason to post it. Perhaps if more Americans were forced, more often, to view the “religion of peace” in action we wouldn’t be using such a stupid phrase. Especially in this case, because we are now paying for this shit to happen – thanks to Jamie Foxx’s Lord and Savior having begun to donate millions of our tax dollars and weapons to the jihad.

You paid for the ticket, now sit your ass down and watch the movie.

» ‘Next major civil rights movement:’ Democrats predict summer political campaign on immigration

The protests by and for illegal immigrants could escalate into the next “civil rights” movement, claimed New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the chief author of the Senate immigration bill, which faces a critical vote late Monday.
… “This has the potential of becoming the next major civil rights movement. …I could see a million people on the mall in Washington, on the platform would [be] … the leaders of business, the leaders of the evangelical movement, the leaders of high tech,” Schumer said

That’s what he said – invited citizens of foreign countries to protest, by the millions, in our capital, for extension of American citizen Rights to anyone willing to breach our borders and pitch a hissy fit.

Go to Chuckie’s house, walk in, plot down on the couch, change the TV channel and ask what’s for supper. See if Chuckie offers you his slippers or call the cops.

» Hi, Rhode Island! Enjoy your 10% #Obamacare hikes!

Remember how prices were supposed to go down under Obamacare? Notice how that somehow became “significantly lower premium increases?” Sorry, but we told so.

» House leaders vow to overhaul, replace Senate immigration bill despite Dem pressure

… the House, which is drafting its own plan, cannot agree to a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Rather, he wants a “pathway to legalization” — in other words, allow some illegal immigrants a shot at a green card, but not full-fledged citizenship.

From the YouTube comments :

I have a few questions concerning gun turn in events.
1. Do they record the weapons nomenclature?
2. Do they check the ballistics of the weapon to see if it can be matched to a crime?
3. Do they record the persons name and address just in case the weapon was used in a crime.
4. Do they check to see if the weapon was reported stolen and make an effort to return the weapon to it’s rightful owner?
Could a crook turn in a weapon used in a crime UN-detected, thus destroying evidence to the crime?

1. No
2. Seriously doubt they put the time and resources into that.
3. No.
4. Again, doubt they have the time and resources to do so.
5. Yes, as they don’t take any information from the people turning them in.

So, youre a criminal who has a handful of stolen guns. Some of them, u used to commit crimes and got away with it. How can u get rid of the evidence AND get paid for it? Good news! Ceasefire Oregon took tax dollars and will PAY u for your stolen merchandise AND destroy all evidence of your crime. Thanks for keeping us safe folks.

~~ via StriMedia.com: Anti Gun Group’s Illegal Gun Show

» NFL bucks call to promote ObamaCare, as Republicans pressure sports leagues to say no
» Heh: College Grads Receive Diplomas Recognized by Commonwealth of ‘Virgina’
» Scalia: ‘High-Handed’ Kennedy Has Declared Us ‘Enemies of the Human Race’


» Study: EPA influence over states grows

The ALEC report showed that in President Obama’s first term, the number of times the agency has rejected state proposals or taken over state programs has skyrocketed.

During the second term of the George W. Bush administration, the EPA rejected state proposals a total of just 12 times. During the last four years, the Obama EPA rejected those proposals 95 times.
The EPA also initiated a total of 19 state-level takeovers in that time, something the EPA rarely did in the years preceding the Obama administration.


“I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get,” read Starnes’ Facebook entry before it was deleted. “I’m wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gather Vocal Band singing ‘Jesus Saves’ on the stereo and a Gideon’s Bible in my pocket. Yessir, I’m politically incorrect and happy as a june bug.”

Despite its vaunted “community standards” As a Fox News report notes, Facebook has such active, unmolested pages as:
“F*** Mitt Romney”
“Tea Party Can Kiss My A**”
“Rush Limbaugh is an Abject A******”


… we are in much worse fiscal shape now than we thought we would be before the Great Recession hit, though even back then it was understood that our fiscal path was unsustainable….

Our near-term debt situation is now much worse than was foreseen at that time.
Our long-term debt outlook is also worse than was foreseen at that time.
The fiscal picture has grown so much worse that federal debt as a percentage of GDP has already far surpassed levels that the dire projections of late 2007 didn’t foresee happening until more than a decade from now.
By any objective measure, if the fiscal picture was serious in late 2007 and warranted substantial deficit-reduction measures, it is far more serious now and requires more aggressive corrections.

Despite all this, as mentioned above, there are some today who are arguing that the fiscal challenge is now so well under control that policy makers should put it aside for now and concentrate on other concerns. Given the data, how can this be?

Rationally, it cannot be the case that our fiscal situation was made better by being made worse. But that is exactly the misperception that our last few years of massive deficit spending have apparently created in some quarters. As policy makers look at our fiscal situation, they need to remain on guard against illusion, recognize an untenable fiscal outlook for what it is and take responsible action to deal with it.

» Oregon to Hold Memorial Event for Dead Bugs

Here’s a proposal for Obama’s third term: tear down the National WWII Memorial in DC and in its place let rise a monument to the billions of mosquitos whose promising lives were heartlessly cut short by DDT just so that humans wouldn’t have to suffer the mild inconvenience of malaria.

» Obama’s Bodyguard of Lies

Obama is an incontinent bladder of lies, deceptions, and red herrings gushing virtually non-stop whether in press conferences, campaign speeches, the State of the Union addresses, or remarks to foreign dignitaries.
Stig Severinsen, who holds the world record for holding his breath under water for 22 minutes, couldn’t endure long enough for the time needed to recite all of Obama’s lies. Obama’s catalog of lies is truly astonishing …

Obama’s lying about the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United , about Al Qaeda “on the run,” about “deficits shrinking,” about Republicans initiating sequestration, about the Benghazi attacks incited by a video, about “you can keep your health plan and your doctor,” about private sales of hand guns, and the latest about “we believe in the free market; we believe in a light touch when it comes to regulations,” is more than political rhetoric or partisan posturing. Lying is a way of life; truth seems untouchable, toxic, red hot radioactive to Obama and his minions.

Obama, the reparations crusader, sees himself at war. At war with a litany of oppressors in his own nation who have seized his imagination since he was a small boy. Yet what core of truth is he protecting? Well, it is the truth about himself and his agenda that dare not be exposed, much less admitted.
Enablers and apologists have enthusiastically embraced Obama’s culture of deceit. Yet when they realize that they too are the enemy, will they discover a bodyguard of lies protects no one?

~~ via NiceDeb : At What Point Will America Get Fed-Up With Obama’s Constant Lying?

» Obamacare is about permanent Democrat control

This president has only one goal in his second term: to eliminate political and economic competition to himself first and the Democrat party second. There is no other Obama agenda. Not jobs, not economic growth, not anything. Emplacing permanent one-party rule in this country is the sole goal for term 2.