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June 26, 2013

» Ignorant and Confused Reactions to SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Decision

» Racism Is Alive and Well in America. Another Democrat Just Proved It.

A Democratic lawmaker from Minnesota criticized Tuesday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act by calling Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Thomas,” then saying he didn’t know “Uncle Tom” was a racist epithet …Even though it’s derived from the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and he has a degree from Harvard.

How does one make it all the way through Harvard and to the United States Senate while remaining so thoroughly ignorant that one has never heard of the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
Can I ask a stupid question, or what?
Well, here’s another: Do you think Sen. Winkler might be lying about that?
Oh wot da hay, let’s go for three stupid questions in a row : should Winkler get his butt thrashed by his constichunts? Literally and physically, that is, thrashed bloody.

» The 9/11 Hijackers, Visas, and the ‘Gang of 8′ Bill

In the case of the 9/11 hijackers, they had many obstacles to overcome prior to carrying out their attacks. One of those obstacles involved keeping up with their visa status.

If there is one thing that’s been learned about America’s jihadist enemies, it’s that they know our system quite well.

If this amendment – or something like it – is part of any final bill that becomes law, obtaining a work visa will become quite desirous on the part of those who plot against the U.S. Are there stealth jihadists out there who would set out to acquire a work visa if they knew that once it expired, they could overstay it, not only without consequence, but with the reward of citizenship?

What about that secure border?

Perhaps in another ten years, we can make it contingent on giving stealth jihadists the right to vote.

Did you think that last sentence, right there, was a joke? I’m not laughing, except at the ten years part. I think it could a lot sooner than that.

You Get What You Tolerate

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» Irish people, shivering in their own homes, have only themselves to blame

Irish people have no one to blame but ourselves. In order to ensure that natural gas is as expensive as possible we have added taxes onto the price of gas and worked tirelessly to stymie any attempt at increasing production of natural gas in Ireland.

The additional “carbon tax” was added a few years ago. The purpose of this tax was two-fold: (1) to provide subsidies for the wind energy production boondoggle err, industry and (2) to encourage Irish people to simply use less gas – that is, they want us to heat our homes less and cook less.

The carbon tax is frustrating, but not as frustrating as what’s going on with the production of natural gas. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the seabeds around Ireland are rich in oil and natural gas, especially natural gas. Yet we have been unable to properly exploit this resource thanks to small groups of protesters holding up production.

The introduction of fracking is the source of America’s energy revolution, which has seen prices of natural gas fall sharply and will lead America to energy independence. Fracking could well work a similar miracle in Ireland, but we lack the political will to ensure that local concerns are allayed and trouble-making environmentalists are sidelined.

for the foreseeable future Ireland will be denied cheap natural gas, whether Irish or imported from America. The carbon tax, however, will remain as a daily kick in the head, an additional extra cost on top of our exorbitantly expensive natural gas. The Irish government’s position remains “keep shivering.” We vote for them, though, so we have only oursevles to blame.

» Europe is becoming a green-energy basket case

FOR YEARS, European leaders have flaunted their unwavering commitment to fighting climate change — and chastised the United States for lagging behind. But last week brought yet more confirmation that the continent has become a green-energy basket case. Instead of a model for the world to emulate, Europe has become a model of what not to do.

Germany is irrationally shutting its nuclear power plants — which produce lots of steady, reliable electricity and no carbon dioxide emissions — and promising that renewables will somehow pick up the slack.

» EU’s Green Policies in Retreat

Ratepayers in Germany and many EU countries are feeling the buzz of rate shock that will soon grow to economic life-threatening electrocution unless energy policy is soon balanced with ratepayers’ ability to pay their energy bills. As it is, residential electricity users in Germany, as well as other EU countries, have to make the choice between “eating or heating.”

Instead of a model for the U.S. to emulate, Europe has become a model of a failed energy policy. Peiser noted that as many as nine million British families pay 10% or more of household income toward heat and electricity. There were reports last winter from the UK that about a half million pensioners were burning books to stay warm because used books were cheaper than burning coal. Energiewende has produced similar horror stories in Germany, with 600,000 people having their power cut off for nonpayment of their energy bills. The increase in “energy poverty” is frightening.

» Germany says solar energy is path to bankruptcy, yet Obama doubles US down on it

President Obama should examine very closely what lead to Germany’s decision to basically pull the plug on solar. President Obama has had plenty of red warning flags along this path he has us on, some of these flags have names like Solyndra and Evergreen Solar.

» The Price of Green Energy: Is Germany Killing the Environment to Save It?

… this is not just about cleared forests. Grasslands and fields are being transformed into oceans of energy-producing corn that stretch beyond the horizon. Farmers are using digestate, a by-product of biogas production, to fertilize their fields as soon as they thaw from the winter. And entire tracts of land are being put to industrial use — converted into enormous solar power plants, wind farms or highways of power lines, which will soon stretch from northern to southern Germany.
… In spite of all the protests by environmentalists, huge areas of ancient pine trees were clear cut in order to make room for solar collectors bigger than soccer fields.

Other nations ventured into the green energy madness with the belief that it was necessary in order to “save the world”,
Obama has no such beliefs. His reasons for pushing and shoving America down this path of self destruction are two-fold:
1 – The predictable and devastating results of green madness on national economies are not just side-effects but are actually (THHO)Obama’s intended results. His dreams for America cannot become reality until we are broke … in wallet as well as spirit.
2 – (THHO)Obama needs to distract national attention away from as many of his political scandals as possible … they threaten to undermine his agenda to break the American spirit.

» Obama Planning to Circumvent Congress to Deliberately Drive Up Energy Prices

Tyranny is always an end in itself for tyrants — but it can’t be marketed that way. Nazis sold tyranny as a quest for racial purity; communists sold it as economic justice. In the USSA, the label reads “saving the planet.” The sugar coating is never effective except on the most bovine. For the rest, there is force. That’s why Obama is planning to circumvent congress to ram through his phony climate agenda

Vladimir Putin is not trying to deprive us of our primary energy source. Neither is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Xi Jinping. The American people have no worse enemy than the Obama Regime.

» New York City’s Special Counsel Registered as a Paid Lobbyist on Behalf of Bloomberg’s 501c4 MAIG in Nevada

In Nevada, Bloomberg set to influence a background check bill by registering and paying 13 lobbyists. As you can see here, they were lobbying on behalf of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund. This is the 501(c)(4) entity, not the 501(c)(3) one according to Press Secretary La Vorgna.
One of the paid lobbyists registered in Nevada was Christopher Kocher, who is (according to his LinkedIn profile), Director of Outreach and Special Counsel at Office of the Mayor of New York City.

It appears as if Bloomberg is paying an employee of the city (Special Counsel, no less) to lobby on behalf of his 501(c)(4) from that action fund, which last week was claimed to be entirely separate from the 501(c)(3) which was using the city’s servers.

» Obama to Egyptian Christians: Don’t Protest the Brotherhood

… all throughout the Middle East, the U.S. has been supporting anyone and everyone opposing their leaders—in Libya against Gaddafi, in Egypt itself against 30-year U.S. ally Mubarak, and now in Syria against Assad. In all these cases, the U.S. has presented its support in the name of the human rights and freedoms of the people against dictatorial leaders.

So why is the Obama administration now asking Christians not to oppose their rulers—in this case, Islamists—who have daily proven themselves corrupt and worse, to the point that millions of Egyptians, most of them Muslims, are trying to oust them?

… when Christians protest Islamist rulers who are making their lives a living hell, the administration asks them to “know their place” and behave like dhimmis, Islam’s appellation for non-Muslim “infidels” who must live as third class “citizens” and never complain about their inferior status.

~~ via MoonBattery : Nanny Cam Captures Home Invasion

A nanny cam in Millburn, New Jersey demonstrates why you need a gun in the house, and why the party that panders to criminals doesn’t want you to have one …
A woman with that much character should never find herself at the mercy of animals. That’s why civilization produced the equalizer.

» Aww, we made a leftard mad
» 5 Senators Who Support Immigration Bill Don’t Know Answer to Key Question About It


» Ready for Hillary

The voters don’t need to be ready for her. She needs to be ready for them.

He was Ready for Hillary,
Ready and Waiting,
and waiting,
and waiting …

~~ Earl of Taint

» Creepy Hillary 2016 “Ready” Shirt Design Sooperized!!

» ‘We Owe Sarah Palin An Apology’

Can anyone imagine a Palin Administration with a politicized IRS going after political opponents. Or, that President Palin would have allowed an American Ambassador to be murdered without attempting to do something? Somehow, I couldn’t imagine a President Palin telling the world, some filmmaker hack was responsible for this disaster.

Furthermore, if someone was going to make a campaign slogan for Sarah featuring her face on tshirt, they wouldn’t have to crop out the majority of it to avoid making a halloween mask … like, ya know, somebody else …