June 23, 2013

June 23, 2013
» In Napolitano the Gang of 8 trusts
Although none of the congress-holes pushing the amnesty bill have actually read the bill and have far less than comprehensive knowledge of it’s content, at least one real journalist has sacrificed some portion of life to delve into it’s inner workings.
It appears that the 1000+ page bill could have been written in three words: “whatever Napolitano says”.

William A. Jacobson builds on Loesch’s revelations:

Yesterday Dana Loesch had a series of tweets about a section of the original Gang of 8 bill giving the Secretary of Homeland Security almost complete discretion to waive all other provisions of the law as to removal, deportation and inadmissibility.

It took me many hours to run that down and confirm. And I have done so.

This is extremely dense material. I’ve extracted and uploaded sections 3214 and 3215 from the May 28 version of the bill … along with the Corker amendment … so you can read them yourself …

… gives the Secretary discretion to waive the provisions as to removal, deportation and inadmissibility of illegal aliens not just for family ”hardship” (which itself is huge) but for any reason the Secretary deems in the ”public interest.”

… the Gang of 8 bill and the [1190 page] Corker amendment are supposed to provide public guarantees that the laws will be enforced as written, but in fact there is a loophole large enough to drive a political agenda through.

There is every reason to expect this discretion to be abused to widen amnesty.

We have seen how the Obama administration unlawfully refused to enforce the immigration laws as to removal proceedings, as a federal judge found.

Now they want you to trust that they will not waive enforcement of other provisions in the name of what they deem to be the public interest.

The rush to a vote in the Senate does not allow time to fully understand all the provisions. And that’s why the rush is taking place.

Did you note that, in the Age of (THHO)Obama, bill amendments are larger than the bill itself? … even when the bill itself contains more words than the history of mankind?

» Inability to Speak English Helps You Qualify for Disability Gravy Train

If leftist quislings are able to ram through the amnesty bill with help from RINO traitors, 46 million mostly unskilled Third World peasants will be flooding the USA by 2033

Not that the coming hordes will need SSI disability — or even amnesty —to sink their vampire fangs into America’s jugular vein. Illegal immigrants already make heavy use of welfare programs; a majority of illegal alien families are already on the dole.

How will America survive tens of millions of new welfare recipients over the coming years? It won’t; nor is it intended to.

» TREACHERY AND TREASON: Sleazebag Bob Corker Slips Permanent Amnesty for Illegals Into Rubio-Schumer Bill

The Rubio-Schumer Amnesty Bill is a thousand pages of pure, unvarnished treason. And a treacherous “Republican” named Bob Corker just made things infinitely worse in a purported attempt to secure the border to assuage conservatives’ concerns.

» Dem files immigration bill amendment that would grant amnesty to ‘climate change refugees’

Presumably how this would work is that somebody would walk up to the U.S. border, say “it’s getting too hot over there” (or cold, or wet, or dry, or windy) and be granted legal entry:

    Senator Brian Schatz’s (D-HI) filed an amendment for the immigration bill Wednesday that would allow stateless people in the U.S. to seek conditional lawful status if their nations have been made uninhabitable by climate change.

» Rubio Can’t Cut It

Marco Rubio is likable. That likability is his chief asset. Even as he champions a wildly unpopular bill among his own base, his numbers remain high. It’s not just magic.

Rubio is everywhere. If you tune in to Univision, you can hear him promising legalization. If you watch FOX News, you’ll hear him express disappointment in his own bill, almost sounding as he might not vote for the very thing that he has staked his entire career on.

There are many Rubios. At times it seems as if there are as many Rubios as there are Obama. A flock of smiling men with neat black hair who can talk Tupac, the American dream and anything in between for as long as you want them too.

The real Rubio isn’t likable. The real Rubio wants to be liked. The real Rubio is desperately insecure and desperate to please everyone at the same time. The real Rubio is in over his head.

What does Marco Rubio stand for? Anything you want him to.

» Warmists Really Excited About Chinese Plan To Possibly Execute Polluters

This isn’t the first time Warmists have had fantasies about criminal penalties and death for people who aren’t helping to reduce “carbon pollution,” and won’t be the last.

We owe William Teach a special thank-you for having bravely ventured into the psycho world of Grist’s John Upton and the commenters therein:

While I would strongly prefer a more enlightened society where people lived a lot more lightly on the Earth in much smaller numbers and treated each other a lot better, that’s a distant goal, not current reality. As you said, execution would be a great incentive to get these assholes to stop polluting our planet, as nothing else has worked to any substantial extent.

Note the key phrases I emboldened in that excerpt from Upton’s commentors, insinuating(?) the goal of the globalZ-warmZ head-spinners is the reduction of human population – starting with us “polluters”. Consider that while keeping in mind that if you fail to realize that the earth is already broiling under the excessive heat of the predicted global warming (that should have happened already, and will happen any second now), then you are essentially just a polluter standing in the to-be-executed line.

» Imam of Largest Sacramento Mosque: “When People Listen to Music, They Ask for Alcohol, Which Will Lead to Adultery”

When people hear quotes like these…

    “It’s a chain reaction – when people listen to music, they ask for alcohol, which will lead to adultery,” said Imam Mahmoud Abdel of Masjid Annur Islamic Center. “One step leads to another in the majority of cases.”

…they assume it’s another Saudi whackjob reporting from a country where women driving is a national security threat. But the Masjid Annur Islamic Center is actually the largest mosque in Sacramento, California.

~~ via Earl of Taint : Question for the President

» Chelsea Clinton Laments Her Own Existence
» THE BEARD: Built-in Sunscreen For a Man’s Face
» The top 9,486 ways Jay Carney won’t answer your questions
» ‘Kill Whitey’: Head of Philadelphia New Black Panther Party Arrested on Gun Charges in Manhattan


» Obama Warns Growing Middle Class is Threatening the Environment

    “With a global middle class consuming more energy every day, this must now be an effort of all nations, not just some.”

Peace with justice used to mean welfare and affirmative action. Now it means a global ecofascism with carbon taxes administered by his Green crony capitalists so that the big donors of the left have more stolen money to stuff into their swollen pockets while the middle class bleeds.

And if we don’t, that Eco-catastrope that their pet researchers made up and that has been disproven again and again will destroy the planet.

» British National Archives show a son was born to Obama Sr. in 1961 in Kenya

Oops, how did that inconsequential bit of trivia get in here?

» THE CASH FURNACE: 66 mind-blowing ways the federal government wastes your hard-earned money

Even though our politicians insist that there is very little that can still be cut out of the budget, the truth is that the federal budget is absolutely drowning in pork. The following are 66 crazy ways that the U.S. government is wasting your hard-earned money…

» Official Obama Policy: Leaking Run-of-the-Mill Non-Classified Information Is the Equivalent of Treason and Espionage

… during a committee hearing, Senators grilled members of the Office of Personnel Management, which, in theory, conducts background checks on those who need security clearance and, in theory, ensures that people like Edward Snowden aren’t granted high clearance.

That’s the theory. The reality seems to be that they wouldn’t know a security risk if it was sitting on their face and singing The Internationale.

Apparently our Founding Fathers worked an additional structural protection against tyranny into the Constitution: The separation of ass from hole in the ground.

It is Safe
This article starts with

NOTE: There are no links to Think Progress in this article.

So it’ll be sorta like going to the zoo; you get to watch the freaks from the sheilded safety of the AmericanGlob blog:
» An Illustrated Guide To The Dishonesty Of Think Progress
… not to mention the dishonesty of the entire Leftist sphere:

This is a problem that can be seen throughout the liberal/progressive blogosphere whenever FOX News is mentioned. FOX is constantly accused of being a “conservative” news outlet simply because it’s the only cable television network which offers conservatives a voice.

FOX News is conservative but everything else is just news, not liberal/progressive news.

That’s the game Think Progress is playing and it’s completely dishonest.

~~ via AmericanGlob : ABC News Goes Fishing For Homophobia In Texas, Finds Only Christian Kindness

The intentions of ABC News couldn’t be more clear. They were hoping to get footage that would make the average Texan diners in this restaurant look like bigots. Instead they found nothing but non-judgmental Christian kindness.

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