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June 5, 2013

» California Passes Sweeping Gun Control: $50 Ammo Permit Fee, No Detachable Magazines or Mags over 10 rounds

… will require the State’s residents to submit personal information and a $50 fee anytime they want to purchase ammunition. The State will then determine whether the buyer will be allowed to purchase the ammunition, which means depending on how the background checks come back, the same day purchase of ammunition in California may be a thing of the past.

…. This is nothing more than targeting and criminalizing law-abiding gun owners. In no way do any of these laws make it harder for a criminal to acquire ammunition, since most do so through illegal channels to begin with.
All these bills will do, is send criminals over the California border, ensuring a larger black market of guns and ammunition to stream into California…

It does, however, help advance the actual purpose of the bills – the complete disarmament of Americans. That is the root of the evil, the true agenda.
Citizens with no guns are not feared by tyrants. Citizens with guns but no bullets are not feared by tyrants either.

Smart tyrant-wannabees Indoctrinate
» Kindergartener interrogated over cap gun until he pees his pants, then suspended 10 days
» Edmonds students suspended for using Nerf guns at school
Taking guns away from Americans is risky business, man you could get shot doing that. Smart tyrant-wannabees are patient. They’re willing to wait a couple of generations to get their power. All they gotta do is raise the kids in absolute terror at the sight of, or even mention of ~ evil gun ~

» Exclusive: Cape Fear Arsenal to produce 24M rounds of .223, starting in August

… to show their investors they have solid commitments, and that they will indeed sell as much ammo as they can to John Q. Public.

I can now confirm that they are going to make ammo for you… lots of it, and soon.

~~ via MoonBattery.com – Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Becky Gerritson

Despite the stench of corruption emanating from DC, America isn’t dead so long as there are still Americans. You can identify Americans by their clear grasp of the proper relation between citizens and government, as demonstrated here by Becky Gerritson, President of the Wetumpka Tea Party in Alabama
These eloquent words need to be heard on high:

    “I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place. It’s not your responsibility to look out for my well-being and to monitor my speech. It’s not your right to assert an agenda. Your post, the post that you occupy exists to preserve American liberty. You’ve sworn to perform that duty. And you have faltered.”

» Obama Regime Has Been Giving Away Nuclear Secrets

Appalling as it was, Obama’s willingness to give away Britain’s nuclear secrets was not an isolated incident. He doesn’t like Israel either, which may be why we read this:

    Israel’s military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation in published bid requests.

Considering his background, associations, and ideology, there was never any reason to consider Obama to be trustworthy, or to think he wants to advance the strategic interests of America or our allies, so no one who voted for him should be surprised by these revelations. But then, few people who voted for him are likely even to hear about them, nestled snuggly in the liberal media’s cocoon of smug ignorance.

» MR. CLOWARD, MEET MS. PIVEN: Social Security’s Unfunded Obligation Rises by $1 Trillion

If you’re hoping to expedite the collapse of the progressive welfare state, this should qualify as good news.
Shhh… no one tell Doug Mataconis and the other leftists at Outside the Beltway! Everything’s just poifect and the president is doin’ a bang-up job fixin’ all the economomomic problems! Hey, what time are the Kardashians on?

» Dem. Congressman to Tea-Party Groups: You’re to Blame for Targeting

Representative Jim McDermott (D., Wash.) argued on Tuesday that tea-party groups brought the IRS’s scrutiny upon themselves.

“If you didn’t come in and ask for this tax break, you would have never have had a question asked of you,”

Commenter ‘Joel’ provides the obvious response:

Organizing for Action (501c4) chairman Jim Messina, Obama 2012 campaign manager.

Media Matters (501c4), dedicated to correcting conservative misinformation.

Move On dot Org (501c4) founded to protect Bill Clinton from impeachment, it is now a “liberal, progressive public policy advocacy group.”

Center for American Progress (501c3) pres and CEO is Neera Tanden who worked for Obama, Clinton administrations and Hillary Clinton campaign.

New Democratic Network (501c4) founded by Clinton political strategist Simon Rosenberg.


» Muslim Days of Rage

… an emblematic figure of our time – the very model of the respected, credentialed dhimmi who, not unlike his ethical and ideological counterparts in the days of Robespierre and Stalin, will be cheering on his country’s conquerors right up to the moment they drag his clueless, quivering carcass to the guillotine or firing squad or, in this case, stone him to death in a public square.

Who Shall Be the Champion of Infidel Rights?
» Another Obama Assault on Free Speech

Bill Killian, the Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, “is reportedly vowing to use federal civil rights statutes to clamp down on offensive and inflammatory speech about Islam.”

I am offended and inflamed by Bill ‘Dhimmi’ Killian! Where’s my civil rights advocate? Who will avenge my insult as a properly identified infidel – or do those same statutes nullify my rights because I am an infidel?

… the First Amendment still remains, for now – at least until a case involving the question of whether what the Administration deems to be “hate speech” enjoys constitutional protection comes before an Obama-majority Supreme Court. But the idea of circumventing it using existing civil rights laws is a new wrinkle

In July 2012, then-Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division was asked by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ): “Will you tell us here today that this Administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Perez (whom Obama has now nominated to be Secretary of Labor) refused to rule out such a proposal – strongly suggesting by his refusal that the Obama Administration is indeed contemplating ways to circumvent the First Amendment and outlaw criticism of Islam.

If this ever happens, it’s all over. If the U.S. adopts any kind of law criminalizing criticism of Islam, that would be the end of any resistance to jihad, as we will be rendered mute and thus defenseless against its advance. And while this possibility still seems wildly farfetched to most people, it must be borne in mind that the First Amendment does not automatically enforce itself. If those charged with guarding and protecting it are determined to do away with it, they can hedge it around with nuances and exceptions that will render it as toothless and essentially void as the Second Amendment already is in many major cities.

If the mainstream media were doing their jobs, Bill Killian and his little workshop would be front page news nationwide, and Killian would be facing extremely tough questioning about his authoritarian tendencies and the anti-freedom agenda he is pursuing. That he is not, and that the mainstream media are largely indifferent to this story, will only hasten its demise.

Bear in mind that any speech about islam by any infidel is offensive and inflammatory to muslims. The fact that we infidels exist is offensive and inflammatory, meaning the only way to not offend and inflame muslims …. is to be a muslim. But! (as demonstrated by the fact that the extremely high majority of muslims that have been killed were butchered by other muslims) even being a muslim doesn’t insulate one from the risk of offending and inflaming.

For example, the following link tells the story of a muslim teen-aged girl who was shot in the head by offended and inflamed muslims for the crime of advocating for the education of women. She survived and lives some where else with a new name and altered face … due to the bullet that went through it.
It’s also the story of another teen-aged girl who portrays (in a documentary film) the girl who offended and inflamed – and, of course, by doing so offended and inflamed and now lives in fear; waiting for the day that an offended and inflamed muslim puts a bullet in her head too.

» Fears of Taliban revenge forces 16-year-old actress playing Malala Yousafzai in new film into hiding

Anyway, just in case I haven’t already offended and inflamed any bump-heads so far ….

…. there. That oughta do it.

» Eric Holder’s Long History Of Lying To Congress

Before he lied to Congress while under oath about what he knew about targeting reporters, he lied about Fast and Furious. As early as the New Black Panthers case, Eric Holder had a problem with the truth.
… Holder, on March 1, 2011, testified before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies that the “decisions made in the New Black Panther Party case were made by career attorneys in the department.”
… the decisions were made by political appointees.

Holder lied – to Congress – under oath. That’s worth 25 years in the pen, with a butt stomping on the way in for allowing the Black Panthers to get away with their crimes.

“When did you first know about the program officially I believe called Fast and Furious? To the best of your knowledge, what date?” House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa asked Holder in sworn testimony on May 3, 2011. “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks,” was Holder’s response.

Lie! to Congress – under oath. Another 25 years worth.

on May 15, 2013, before the House Judiciary Committee, Holder lied when he said: “In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, this is not something I’ve been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.”
He personally signed off on James Rosen’s warrant.

25 again! He’s due 75 already and still has 3 1/2 years worth of lying to do.

The fact that Holder is not in prison instead of still lying purdy much answers a question asked last year before the reelection:
» Will the Scooter Libby Rules Apply to the Obama Administration?

The arrogance of power is such that it may never have occurred to the senior government figures who recently leaked classified information about drone strikes and cyber warfare to the press that there would be any consequences for their actions. The all-too cozy relationship between the Obama administration and mainstream outlets like the New York Times instilled in them the notion that they could plant with impunity any story in the media to boost the president’s reputation.
… Indeed, even if the president is re-elected, it may be that the effort to puff up his shaky reputation could sink a second term in scandal and prosecutions.

The Libby prosecution was a political witch-hunt that did nothing to enhance security or prevent leaks, but it did provide liberals with a great deal of schadenfreude while allowing left-wing Bush administration critics to pose as defenders of national security.

That’s why the possibility that the Libby rules will be applied to some current denizens of the White House may well have some on the right salivating at the prospect of revenge. But conservatives who were rightly opposed to what happened to Scooter Libby should not be hoping for a repeat of the same unfair treatment he suffered.

» Pennsylvania Democrat anonymously trolled constituents online for supporting drilling
» Taxpayers Gave 15 Members of Congress $238K in Farm Subsidies Last Year
» Sebelius: Obamacare opens door wider to gays, AIDS victims
» FBI investigates kidnapping of Marine in Mexico


» NJ Doctor With Occupy Wall Street Ties Indicted on Explosives Related Charge

It is not known at this time what Rivera was planning on doing with the alleged bomb-making materials or if there was any connection to the materials with his protest endeavors.

Maybe he was just storing them for Bill Ayers? You know? Ayers? (THHO)Obama’s old commie buddy? The one who actually used explosives, got people killed, remains free to indoctrinate university students and help get fellow communists elected as president …. and attend and advise Occupy Wall Street protests.

Did you ever hear the story about the WWII U.S. soldier that shot some of his comrades in the back because he suspected they intended to kill a whole bunch of Germans?
» Fort Hood suspect says he was protecting Taliban

An Army psychiatrist charged with gunning down Fort Hood soldiers said Tuesday his defense would show that he was compelled to do so because deploying U.S. troops posed an imminent danger to Taliban fighters.
Hasan will represent himself at his upcoming murder trial, meaning he will question the more than two dozen soldiers he’s accused of wounding

I assume that means he will also get to question the officer that ended his jihad by shooting him. That would be a good time for that officer to admit she failed to complete her mission by leaving him breathing, by ceasing fire when there were still bullets in the magazine clip-azine.

Unexpected by whom?
I suspected it.
Bet you did too.


America’s slow-to-nonexistent economic growth, of which today’s manufacturing data are one of many symptoms, is the result of bad government policies: out-of-control regulations, excessive and inefficient government spending, rising tax rates and the impending disaster of Obamacare, to name the most obvious ones. Until observers are willing to acknowledge the extent to which poor government drags down the economy, they will continue to be surprised by unexpected bad news.

What!? No hip-hop rap in Yoda-dialect English class?
Akbar, dat allah be … You I keeeeeeel!

It depends on what your definition of ‘cell’ is

If seven muslims are caught trespassing in a major water reservoir and those seven muslims had absolutely no explanation for their presence there and all seven of those muslims were chemical engineers …. and then it was discovered that three aqueduct locks had been cut … would that fall under the definition of a “active cell”?

Last month, State Police stepped up patrols at public water supplies after seven Muslims were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown. State Police are investigating, though they say “there is no evidence of any crime other than vandalism.” Huh? Isn’t cutting the locks from three separate access hatches located at approximately half-mile intervals along the aqueduct a crime? Police say that there is evidence of an attempt to cut a fourth lock.

Here’s the thing — if a group of Muslim were were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir as recently as a month ago – chemical engineers, no less – shouldn’t they have stepped up patrols already and surveillance euqipment installed at points of entry? Or is that expecting too much from our sharia complaint national security agencies?

Show Offs Welcome

~~ via Bob Owens : No, I will never be able to do that.