May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013

… 55 of the state’s 62 county sheriffs have joined a lawsuit aiming to block the measures.

“These bills do absolutely nothing to make Colorado a safer place to live, to work, to play or to raise a family,” Weld County Sheriff John Cooke explained at a recent press conference. “Instead these misguided, unconstitutional bills will have the opposite effect because they greatly restrict the right of decent, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, their families and their homes.”

» Benghazi Scandal: Don’t Let Melanin Trump National Security

My dad told me years ago that a snake can swim under water a long time just like a fish. But eventually it has to come up for air because it is not a fish. It is a snake.

The MSM continues to blow-off Benghazi. Obviously, the MSM believes Obama’s black skin and liberal ideology trumps even National security. Obama and company must be held accountable for Benghazi.

DO NOT ASSUME YOU KNOW enough about the current IRS scandal, and don’t allow yourself to stop paying attention.

» IRS’s Lerner Had History of Harassment, Inappropriate Religious Inquiries at FEC

… under Lerner’s watch, inappropriate religious inquiries were a hallmark of the FEC’s interrogation of the Christian Coalition …

To wit, this questioning from an FEC attorney to Lt. Col. Oliver North as part of a legal deposition:

“During the time that you knew Pat Robertson, was it your impression that he had – he was praying for you?”
“Was Pat Robertson praying for you in 1991?”

North’s attorney appropriately objected to that line of questioning.

» Reality Check Exclusive: Cincinnati agent giving orders in IRS scandal?

The claim that the ongoing IRS scandal is limited to low level employees is falling apart …

while it may sound reasonable to the average person that these workers began targeting groups on their own, the IRS structure is designed to prevent that

consider this chain of command since the story broke.

Former Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller… retires

Joseph Grant, Commissioner of Tax Exempt and Government Entities… retires.

Lois Lerner, Head of Exempt Organization…says she will invoke her 5th amendment right to not incriminate herself when called before Congress on Wednesday.

Holly Paz, Director of Exempt Organizations, subpoenaed to Washington to be interviewed by members of Congress.

All of this IRS leadership, in Washington D.C.

Then one level down is Cindy Thomas, the highest ranking employee in Cincinnati in this Tax Exempt and Government Entities Department that no one in Congress is talking to… yet.

Liberals Are Now Shocked, Shocked at Obama’s Culture of Intimidation

» Murder, He Wrote

» Network Evening Shows Don’t Name Islam in London Terror Attack

What does a murderous jihadist terrorist have to do to get some recognition for his cause? You hack a British soldier to death in broad daylight on a London street while shouting “Allahu akbar” and then “swear by the almighty Allah” that you’ll never stop fighting, and the U.S. broadcast networks still can’t bring themselves to utter a word about Islam.

Whats Went Wrong
» British P.M. David Cameron demands that MI5 explain ‘what went wrong’ in attack

British Prime Minister David Cameron is demanding intelligence and security heads explain how two Islamist terror suspects could massacre a soldier in the streets when the two had been surveillance targets of MI5 for the past eight years.
Mr. Cameron wants to know “what went wrong” ….

What went wrong, he asks.

The ‘what’ that went wrong on a London street is the exact same ‘what’ that went wrong in Boston during the marathon, the same ‘what’ that went wrong at Ft Hood, the same ‘what’ that flew airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the same ‘what’ that is burning down Sweden right now.

It’s the same ‘what’ that asks each and every time what went wrong. It’s the ‘what’ that leans to the left so that it can peer around the bloody muslim in front of it to find another cause, some other culprit. It’s the ‘what’ that disarmed all those people that stood and watched in horror but did nothing to stop it. It’s the millions of ‘whats’ that were allowed to migrate, invade and occupy with no intentions of assimilation. It’s the ‘what’ that refuses to use the words that would actually answer the question.

It’s the ‘what’ that stood in front of the on-scene camera, clutching the murder weapons in it’s blood-coated hands, and stated exactly what the what is.

» Guns And Terror In Great Britain

So let’s run down the facts. Two men armed with knives and a gun hack another man to death, the police respond no sooner than twenty minutes after the attack, and laws in England virtually prohibit carrying of weapons or owning of weapons beyond firearms used for hunting (which cannot be carried on your person).

So to repeat. Man prohibited from owning a gun gets killed by criminals who were prohibited from owning a gun but who didn’t have any regard for the law since they were criminals. People who witnessed the crime could only shout at them since they didn’t have guns either.

Got it.

You only have to watch the first 8 seconds of this video to witness a United States Senator physically assault an American citizen … and then laugh about it.

~~ via Pat Dollard : WATCH, MUST-SEE: Al Franken Body-Slams Jason Mattera For Asking Him About Role In IRS Scandal


» Is Obamacare’s Fatal Flaw Taking Effect?

The healthy must subsidize the sick, and the healthy are opting out.

» Huffington Post joins the wingnuts, turns on Eric Holder
» Mitch McConnell Sides With Amnesty Quislings


» Impeachment of Obama and Biden? What If?

From Benghazigate to IRSgate 1 & 2 to APgate to Operation Fast and Furious to EPAgate. We can only hope and pray that all of these ‘gates’ (scandals) end up negating Obama’s presidency sooner than he had planned.
But what happens if Obama is impeached and removed from office?
When Richard Nixon resigned, Vice President Gerald Ford became the 38th President. If Obama is removed from office, Joe Biden would become our 45th President.
The thought of Biden as President is almost as scary as Obama. We would go from a sinister socialist to a laughable lunatic who has no concept of reality.

A more worrisome possibility would be a repeat of what happened during the Nixon administration that led to the 38th President who was never on a presidential/vice-presidential ballot …. no citizen ever voted for him, or against him, for president.

Given the number of self-proclaimed anti-freedom communists that Obama has appointed and installed into the upper tiers of America’s leadership, the prospect of him choosing a new vice-president and then himself being removed or resigning should be absolutely terrifying.

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