December 8, 2012

December 8, 2012

» Hypocrites shriek ‘Hypocrites!’ over national concealed carry legislation Bring up national concealed carry reciprocity, and the anti-self-defense lobby suddenly falls in love with “states’ rights” as they refer to state sovereignty. Bring up the Firearms Freedom Act, and they suddenly remember their adoration for a federal government so powerful that it does not even have [...]

The North Carolina General Assembly is in desperate need of a new chair

June 19, 2012

The one in the Senate Rules Committee is broken. I reckon we should have been more specific when we wrote letters and made calls demanding HB 111 be freed from the Finance Committee. Instead of getting a vote, it has been referred to the Commerce Committee – and there it will die. One man, one [...]

NC Republican Senators: Scared of Liberals but not Gun Owners, How stupid is that?

June 17, 2012

Last Tuesday in a post titled N.C. Republican Legislators Getting Lazy and Yellow?; I pretty much just passed on the words of the diligent folks over at GrassRoots N.C. chastising the N.C. Senate Republicans for stalling the Restaurant Carry bill HB 111. Since then, nothing’s changed. The bill is still hostage in the Finance Committee [...]

Not-So-Good Company

May 15, 2010

The articles linked below were published in November 2007, long before Ron Paul voters helped escort Obama to the whitehouse. Using the excuse of not voting for the lesser of two evils (Obama vs McCain) they wasted their vote on Ron Paul. » The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters Paul supporters complain endlessly that [...]

Confirm Affiliations of Your Candidates

May 2, 2010

From American Patriots Against Kokesh, reprinted in full, with permission. The Negative Effects of the Anti-Military Left on Our Veterans and Their Families A response to a Blog Radio interview with Adam Kokesh We often hear from the leftist anti-military groups that their demonstrations and activities are intended to help and support our troops. However, [...]

The Problem with Pauls …

April 25, 2010

Part of Daniel Greenfield’s Friday Afternoon Roundup included a section about Ron/Rand Paul that is worth a repeat. And repeat it, I shall: Turning to the Republican side, some people are impressed by a statement put out by Rand Paul that seems to be Pro-Israel. But the first thing to remember is that Ron Paul’s [...]

An Open Letter to the “Liberty Candidates”

April 16, 2010

Regarding: Adam Kokesh (a complete list of recipients can be found at the bottom of this letter) We are writing to you to express our grave concerns about one of your fellow Liberty candidates, Adam Kokesh. More importantly, in view of these concerns and to the point of this letter, we are asking that you [...]

Paulian Isolationists, Truthers and RightWing Moonbats

April 5, 2010

» The Anti-Conservative’s CPAC The message there was that “real conservatives” don’t support the war on terror because it is a creation of the “Israeli lobby” … Imagine having to battle with the head of the American Conservative Union to have the future Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who is being persecuted for speaking the truth, [...]

Kokesh: More History on the Commie RINO

March 6, 2010

Adam Kokesh wants to be a US congressman next year. So today he is practicing being a conservative Republican. I say practicing because it was only a year ago or so that he wanted to be a communist. Poor feller can’t make up his mind. I reckon he’s still in search of himself? Saying Kokesh [...]

9/11 Families Reject Adam Kokesh as a Serious Candidate for Congress

March 3, 2010

» Adam Kokesh ‘runs’ for Congress; is an antiwar activist seeking to return Ben Lujan to the House? Is Kokesh a grass roots fiscal conservative or an antiwar activist masquerading as a conservative-libertarian to deceive the people of New Mexico? Before voters there decide, perhaps they should review his multiple arrests — including for smuggling home [...]